MY MARKETING APPROACH - I am able to write clear content for websites to achieve a higher ranking in the search engines. I am experienced with the different search engines and their individual rules to get higher search engine rankings. I have expert knowledge of the different pay per click search engines and their rules of use, I am a guru search engine optimizer (SEO). I have a strong understanding of social networking from a design and marketing point of view.


RESPONSIVE DESIGN - I am a huge advocate of responsive design. This site is developed using those principles. Consider using responsive design for your next project. I am a responsive design developer contact me for your web site design needs.

One of Google's front end web developers Rupert Breheny has come out and embraced responsive web design as a viable standard for creating web sites across multiple devices. Google's Michael Wyszomierski, aka Wysz, also shared his thoughts on why he likes it from an SEO and maintenance perspective. They like responsive design because it allows for easier maintenance, it doesn't have canonical URL issues, and because you don't have to create different redirects for specific device pages. From an accessibility standpoint it provides a good browsing experience for all users. Responsive design allows for page content to change to stacked content, tweaked navigation and rescaled images based on the users viewing device.